25th May: Rare Eggs

Yet another pointless Bank Holiday. With the exception of a few scarce specimens at Spurn and at last a few bits for my good friend Mr Fray up on Shetland the spring migration looks well and truly over. Several visits to Blue Man's Bower over the weekend produced very little with a Ringed Plover being the highlight (if you can call it that). However one visit to the Bower revealed the existence of some near mythical white dog shit. It would seem that this rare phenomenon is on the increase following a discovery last spring at Pit-house West and a recent record from Northwest Derbyshire, see 27th April http://www.skills-bills.co.uk/birds.htm
Records should, where possible, be supported by photographic evidence. Being careful to rule out confusion specimens such as Chalk, Limestone or Owl pellets, though in my younger years I made the mistake of confusing the latter with WDS, it wasn't until I noticed the lack of small mammal bones in it that I realised just what I had crumbled in my fingers.

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John Hague said...

As Arthur Smith (comedian) says, the only white dog shit you see these days... Leeds United! Amen to that and well to Donny Rovers.