13th December. Crest of Fire

Much the same as yesterday with a walk around RV taking up all of the morning. The Great Northern still present but I failed to find the Scoter.

My afternoon nap (another post 40 thingy) was disturbed by Pete Wragg informing me that he'd found a Firecrest a Pit-house West by the Chinese Bridge. Well you can never see too many Firecrests and it would have been rude not to pay it any attention. The resulting photos however were pretty crap dull conditions combined with hand held at 1/30th using 1600ISO was not ideal.

FISHERMEN ARE .....................

One of the reasons that I stopped visiting Pit-house West was the fact that locals had taken it upon themselves to start up their own F'ing fishery within the much needed reedy pools favoured by Reed Warblers and the wintering Bitterns and setting fire to the adjacent scrub used by breeding Linnets and Yellowhammers. I simply couldn't cope with the frustration of discarded beer cans, carrier bags, discarded tackle and blatant habitat destruction. It's not as though there's no where else to fish, less than a mile away there's a perfectly well run fishery - but no these 'former German striker' continue to f**k up this locally important wildlife site. They have no right to fish here - it is illegal, but then so is killing Cormorants!

Like the rest of RVCP Pit-house West is no longer managed by Rotherham Borough Council but by Oak Holdings a property development and consultancy group who's master plan is to build the YES PROJECT Of course those good old turd polishers* at Rotherham Town Hall all fell for these southern charmers and gave everything away complete with planning permission. But as my dad often says you can't polish a turd and if one single brick gets layed on this site I'll smear my bell end with Marmite and feed it to next doors dog**. Consequently and as a result of the new owners there is absolutely no management work undertaken at PHW, fences are broken down, gates removed and those 'former German strikers' get carte blanche to cut down, burn and generally trash any habitat that gets in the way of their maggot drowning sticks. Infact the only 'management' work that I have seen carried out in recent years is the clearing of trees from the paths so Oak Holdings could get there vehicles down to show prospective YES Project tenants around the site. In short Oak Holdings don't give two F'cks what happens to the wildlife on their site as long as they get their tenants for (which they won't) this white elephant - call me cynical (or whatever you like) but I suspect that Oak care not for this site and would be more than happy for the dereliction to continue, until I see a change here my opinion of these charlatans and of RMBC will not change.***

Rant over.

* Turd Polishers - see here

** My next door neighbour does not have a dog, but they do have a couple of pretty rough looking daughters.

*** This does not include the current manager and employees at RV.


Colin said...


The Firecrset shot looks a "cracker", so why post it as such a small image and at such low rezz?.

Agree 100% about the fishermen - they are the same the whole world over. They descend on mostly beautiful places (coasts, rivers, lakes, etc) in search of free food or 'sport'?? and leave behind a load of filth (beer cans and bottles, plastic bags, paper and general shite) - as you know I do not agree with unnecessarily strong language, but it is a fact that fishermen are ignorant, dirty, illiterate cunts.

I would happily drown the fucking lot of them.


Mark said...

Cheers Colin. Unfortunately the Firecrest shot is piss poor and if enlarged looks terrible.

I've tried to keep swearing out of this (my parents read this) but these areholes really piss me off, I needed to let off steam.

thedrunkbirder said...

Mark, I'm not saying don't worry about your parents - your Dad's obviously savvy enough to know about polishing turds.

Ah, fishermen. I do love it when they say fishing is pitting their wits against the fish... you know who comes out top in those battles most of the time don't you.

Anyroad, with all the gear the have they make birders look ill equiped. They've taken any skill of watching a float away due to bite detectors and bait boats - can't they use a fucking catapult these days? Some of these wankers also use fish finders - a fucking radar system. Coarse fishing is hardly like fucking getting out on a North Sea trawler is it? Surely on a small pond finding fish shouldn't be too difficult should it - mind you - these are people who still think it's putting their mind against the fish!

Anonymous said...

Fucking cock-sucking nerds you bird spotters. Fishing is a mans sport you fuck heads. we would rather bern you no head.

Mark said...

Dumb F'ck illiterate fishermen. I rest my case!

Anonymous said...


Mark said...

Illiterate and with a very limited vocabulary.

Martyn Yapp said...

Fantastic, I love it when a post generates a bit of anger. I will do this with out bad language, but being a birder that was transformed from a fisherman, I agree with your post wholeheartedly and have witnessed the same on a local site here in the West Midlands. Luckily I only used to do my fishing with a very well organised club, before the onset of such fish catching devices and all of the folk fishing used to clear the pegs of any rubbish we found, which included some pretty awful stuff like rotting half open meat cans and the like.

Again, although now I am totally against fishing, I am sure it is only a problem that is caused by the minority, mostly non-permit weilding scum and lets face it modern birding certainly as it's problems with the new blood thats around.