14th March. Adders

Despite the milder weather of the last couple of days the first migrants of spring remain absent, at least in these parts. Having given Orgreave a good going over over the last couple of days I decided on not only a change of scenery but also a change of subject.

I have tried to see Adders on Hatfield for the last couple of years, mostly without any real success, so a cool morning with sunny spells seemed ideal. Ideal it was. We found two straight away which posed nicely and a third individual that let me get within just a couple of feet. Despite this and over 250 shots I managed just a handful of 'keepers' probably due to using a monopod instead of tripod, though I suspect the latter would have caused too much disturbance.

And Finally.

Thanks to Stephen Dunstan for bringing this to my attention.


thedrunkbirder said...

Were you using a macro lens Mark?

Mark said...

No John. Just my trusty 50-500 Sigma at around 250.

Marcus Lawson said...

Mark, just to say thanks for your post a while ago about Giant Canada Goose. I was out on my patch (in West Kent) Saturday morning when I spied a noticeably larger Canada Goose with a few others in a field. It then flew onto one of the pits and I was able to see that it had an obvious white eyering, a small white line above the base of the bill and extensive white cheek patch which extended to under the bill, which I believe are features of maxima. I've found it hard to find out much info as most of the focus is on the "smaller" ones. Have to say that I never would have given such a bird any attention before your post so gawd bless yer guv'nor.

To quote Britain's top twitcher "it's just one massive learning curve"

Rebecca Nason said...

Hi Mark,
Loving your blog and like your latest Adders!
I have nominated your blog for a sunshine award, please visit my blog to see how to claim it (if you like that is! ;-) Rebecca