26th April. Big Mouth Strikes Again!

I'm feeling pretty stupid - nothing new there then! Yesterday, during my first Orgreave visit of the day I made the incorrect assumption that UK Coal had heavy rolled a large part of the 'steppe' area. Rather than look into it in more detail I fired off an email accusing them of heinous crimes against wildlife. Rather surprisingly I had a response almost immediately. The managing director of Harworth Estates offered to meet me on site to discuss my concerns. To cut a long story short, they hadn't rolled it, I felt a right tit, apologised profoundly and now realise that they actually do care about the site and what happens on there. I still feel a tit and am finding this large slice of humble pie particularly difficult to digest! Still it feels good to get it off my chest.

In an attempt to stop me feeling sorry for myself here's some pics just how nice the Norfolk Citrine Wagtail was!

Beth just before she confessed that she really enjoys birding!