13th May. Bad Press

A nice flock of Ringed Plover and Dunlin building up on the patch at the moment with at least 12 and 7 respectively - which by local standards does constitute a flock. Fingers crossed they keep building and pull in something scarce.

Just to prove that the dog walker problem isn't a uniquely British problem have a look at the shocking pictures on Dutch birder Arnold Meijer's blog HERE.

Anyone who knows me well will know that I'm not one for reading Thatcherite rags or their cyberspace equivalent. So it really goes against the grain to post a link to this story on the Torygraph site. Sadly it seems a fairly accurate story, particularly as you don't have to look too far (on Surfbirds) to see examples of this. Seemingly 'tape' luring has increased massively, presumably as a result of almost every birder toting a camera these days perhaps it's time we (me included) took a long hard look at ourselves and put the birds first.

Just to offset my promotion of the aforementioned Tory rag it would seem appropriate to post a link to my current favourite website HERE I just can't hit the refresh button fast enough!


Tim Allwood said...

Mark, you might enjoy this:


Arnold Meijer said...

Hi, thank you for linking me!

Mike Watson said...

Hi Arnold, any reason you couldn't stop this and if not I am hoping you welded your boot to the mutt's backside? I am pig sick of out-of-control dogs. They and their owners deserve similar treatment. Br, Mike