7th August. The Pies Have It

One or two returning waders over the last week - actually 5 Greenshank, 3 Whimbrel, a couple of Black-tailed Godwits and a handful of Common Sands - raised some hope that the big (ish) one was just around the corner. Sadly it wasn't, so I had to settle for a very plastic looking Red-crested Pochard. Pete proclaimed that eclipse males actually look more plastic (than any other plumage state) as you have a brown duck with a stupid looking red bill that looks like it's been glued on by a child. Despite looking shit it made itself onto the SF list - as Roy would say "they're all the same size on the list."

Desperate for a change of venue and some decent birds we had a run out to Old Moor and Blacktoft on Saturday - we did at least have the change of venue!

The trip to Old Moor was however just a cover for a spot of, what I can only describe as pie twitching. I received a tip off some months back from the Bard of Broomhill that the best pork pies were to be found at Elmhursts in Goldthorpe. So with Old Moor not opening until 9:30 (which frankly is shit) we diverted to the former mining town of Goldthorpe armed with only a pocket full of change. Being Barnsley's equivalent of the Wild West I stayed and guarded the car whilst Jo went in for the savoury delights on offer.

Note the window full of pies

Jo returned with 4 small (8cm diameter) pies and a large pork and black pudding pie, the sum total of which was £5! We had clearly been undercharged or do they still operate in 'old money' in the Dearne Valley. True to my information the pork pies were tremendous, but the pork and black was outstanding, quite possibly the greatest pie I have ever eaten.

I ate all the pies

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