27th January. New Toy

It's been a while since I did any digiscoping, mainly because my near vision is a bit crap these days and even with glasses I couldn't focus on the small screen of my well used Samsung NV3. After pondering for awhile over whether or not to get a new compact I narrowed the choice down to two cameras the Canon S95 and the Nikon P300. Being a fan of all things Nikon I opted for the latter - though being a typically tight Yorkshire man the £5o price difference swayed me more.

The Orgreave Little Owl was still present this morning and despite a strong breeze proved a good subject for the new camera to get to grips with.

Quite pleased with my first attempts and even happier with the homemade adaptor (saving more of my precious Yorkshire £'s).

The Video setting is very useful with High Speed and full HD, though the latter won't play on my ageing laptop (but the 720 option is more than adequate).

Overall the P300 is very easy to use with simple navigation around the more useful settings i.e. exposure compensation, ISO, aperture and self-timer.


John Hague said...

Looks good Mark.

Russ Haywood said...

Don't worry Mark. I'm sure Martin will let you know if it isn't one :-)