10th June. Swapping Rollers

Spent the last week almost housebound wrestling with brushes, rollers and paint and only visiting the patch on a handful of dates and not once in the last couple of days.  Finally cracked at midday and took the ladies and me off to Aldbrough for a look another kind of Roller. An absolute stunner, as they always are, feeding in the field and then posing on its favourite post for a few minutes.
Disappointing to see that the requests to park only in the Bewick Hall Car Park and to keep out of the field (photographers again) were largely being ignored (at least between 3 & 4pm). The resulting rutted verge was not a pretty sight, but that's some Birders for you arrogant, lazy and tight (the car park was a couple of hundred yards away, free, though with a donation bucket for those with a conscience!).  No doubt these will be the first to start moaning at the next big suppression!

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