14th November. Mad as a Hatter

I should have known better than to follow the antics of Lee Evans (not to be mistaken for the comedian Lee Evans, this one's far funnier) on Twitter, but I knew that sooner or later Lee would provide me with yet more blogging gold.
Aside from his comments, regarding the latest pop music scene (I shit you not), his regular birding updates often bring a chuckle. However last nights was a pure gem and the true work of a madman. For someone whose livelihood depends on birders, or arseholes as he states, that's one mighty big bite out of the hand that feeds!


Oscar Dewhurst said...

God knows why he posted that on twitter. What I was trying to say with my tweet was what's the point of announcing that on twitter, when the bird has left. Why does he feel he needs to tell everyone now that it's gone?

Mark said...

I did mean to fuzz your name out Oscar. Completely agree what is the point.