31st July. Catch Up.

Not enough time or inclination for blogging over the last few weeks, so a (lazy) run down of what I've been up to, as though anyone actually cared.
Trapped some moths including this smart Canary-shouldered Thorn

Little Gull amongst the Black-heads

Dark variant Peppered Moth
Watched some Dragonflies at Treeton. Fairly certain this is a Ruddy Darter (note the black legs) 
Red-eyed Damselfly

Twitched the Caspian Tern 

A visit to the Doctors revealed high cholesterol levels and we all know what that means :-(


The Leicester Llama said...

Are you going to rename your blog 'Of Birds' then Mark?

Yes, that is a Ruddy Darter, and the Peppered Moth is actually the intermediate form (insularia) rather than the really dark carbonaria. It's not that common, down our way at least.

Mark said...

That's the first intermediate form that I've had. When I first started trapping 7 years ago I used to catch the really dark ones - about 50-50 with the standard ones.

How about of Statins and Birds?

Thanks for the Ruddy confirmation, first I've seen there in a few years.