18th April. Tea Time Fly Overs

Having just returned home from a rather successful visit to the solicitor, I looked out of the living room window and spotted a couple of distant Terns. As they came closer It was obvious that they were both Common Terns and my first of the year. Cheered up even more I sat down to my tea. Unfortunately my splendour was cut short when I received a call informing me to get out into the garden as Roy Twigg was watching a couple of Common Cranes drifting north through RV, possibly over my house!! Legging it , in stocking feet, onto the sodden lawn must have given the neighbours something to laugh about - but not me I couldn't find the buggers. Things got worse when I phoned RT who informed me he was still watching them but now over Treeton which mean they could not be seen from the garden - bollocks!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oooh! I found a Crane yesterday. I even identified it. Touch and go that I'd even make it onto Cliffe RSPB at 6am as there were 3 lads throwing their clothes onto the entrance track and running around their(?) car with their heads in their hands. They pointed at the sky a bit as well. Then jumped about. Odd. Bit early for 'shrooms, I would have thought.

Andy L.