21st - 22nd August. Wader Action

First visit of the week to the Orgreave Opencast produced 1 or 2 waders and I mean 1 or 2! Viewing distantly from the metal footbridge I picked up Common Sandpiper and Ringed Plover - I can hardly contain myself whoopee do.

Things picked up on Friday with a single Dunlin showing well down to about 500 ft (you may by now be sensing a hint of sarcasm). Viewing here is a little distant to say the least but the potential of this site out ways the shit views (I have keep telling myself that!!). A sudden scattering of the pre-roost gulls gave me the opportunity to impress Jo with my skills by suggesting that a raptor was probably in the area. Sure enough a pair of Peregrines appeared on cue leaving my reputation intact (not sure that's a good thing!). I couldn't help but feel sorry for this pair knowing that their favourite roost site, the Tinsley Towers is about to be blown up. A quick search of Google produces wealth of interesting websites about these iconic landmarks such as this. However not all of them are what they seem

Whiston Meadows was disappointing as usual with just a few Lapwings. Some moron had decided to set fire to a gate in the car park though with a few discarded water bottles, from the boot, I soon had it under control!

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