3rd August. Not much happening.

Not much happening of late, though to be honest I haven't been out that much. Managed a six hour ringing stint at Williamthorpe this morning. Very small numbers of passerines hinted at a dreadful breeding season. Managed a few extractions (not the dental kind) which really is the tricky part of ringing requiring the utmost dexterity and patience.

In the style of Mckinney I'll fill up these pages with some holiday snaps and gratuitous swearing.

European Eagle Owl cute though evil looking f****r

Azure-winged Magpie


John Hague said...

What a swiz. We are promised swearing and the you cover up the word fucker on the Eagle Owl photo... wimp!

Mark said...

I bottled it John don't want to offend my elderly readers or should that be Reeder's