22nd December. Asking for trouble

I foolishly bought the latest edition of Birdwatch. Unfortunately as it comes in a sealed bag you can't have a flick through any more to see if it's worth buying. A couple of articles caught my eye The Punks selling out with their new column and a I.D check card for the identification of Slender-billed Curlew. I was curious at the logic behind this jointly published pamphlet as the majority of Birdwatch readers probably struggle with Whimbrels!! What this guide will not doubt do is ensure that the two listed contacts are constantly answering enquiries relating to 'funny curlews'. To save you the bother of parting with your hard earned cash (I could have bought a copy of Nuts and marvelled at the lovely Sophie's charms and still had enough left for a box of mansize tissues) I have reproduced the front page below - well sort of!

A full two pages has been dedicated to the Steppe Grey Shrike, featuring the finders account, a shot of a group of birders crowded round it like a group of middle aged British 'tourists' at the opening of a Cambodian orphanage and an abhorrent posting of the editor of a rival magazine trespassing in a field and being removed by the local constabulary.

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John Hague said...

Blimey I wondered who that shabby individual was! ;o)