27th December. 3rd Generation Scum

Whilst I pride myself on my left-wing values I cannot help but find myself slipping ever nearer to the right and todays events only confirmed this! Whilst waiting for the local chemist to open in order for me to aquire medication for my worsening man flu, another vehicle pulled up at the side of me. Nothing unusual in that I here you say - well no. The couple in it were sucking on a couple of fags (their choice) when suddenly from among the smog and off the female occupants knee popped up a very small child whose lungs by now probably contained the equivalent of an Embassy King Size. Finally the chemist opened and the female occupant went in and picked up a pregnancy test off the shelf WTF. It got better she handed it to the assistant and asked if she could have some cough medicine - for her two year old!!! I had to restrain myself when the assistant asked what kind of a cough it was, the voice in my head was screaming A F*@KING SMOKERS COUGH YOU MORON!!!! I pray to god that the test proved to be negative!
The problem with modern society is nothing to do with the credit crunch or the price of oil it's the amount of handouts that we give to these freeloaders who see children as a way of earning a living. This has been going on for too long now so much so that we now have three generations of scum spanning less than forty years - they see nothing wrong with what they do and our society continues to support them. Sterilise the bastards now before it's too late. Now back to my Daily Mail!

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DorsetDipper said...

cheer up - your attitude expressed here is traditional socialist; the state needs to intervene and act as parent to enable the children of the feckless (non) working class to achieve their full potential and liberate them from the cycle of failure.