12th January. Contains Nuts

Never mind the credit crunch nor our very own Ginger Nazi prince using the P' word the biggest headline of the weekend should surely go to Cadbury's. For those of you that missed it Cadbury's Dairy Milk will now to carry an allergy warning - 'contains milk' !! Surely the clue is in the product. In an attempt to protect us from harming ourselves I suggest the following health warning.

If anyone one is left reading this you will no doubt have guessed that very little birding took place over the weekend. I did however manage to get out for my first ringing session of the year on farm land in Renishaw. Despite subzero temperatures a decent mornings ringing was had. No surprises in the nets but three Redwings gave me a chance to admire this cracking species in the hand - which I have to admit is as easily as pleasant on the eye as any Dusky Thrush.


Colin said...

Nice pics to brighten a cold day but Redwings do seem scarce this winter

Mark said...

The bulk of Redwings that I've seen so far this winter have been on th every edge of Sheffield City Centre.