24th January. Along The Rother

A decent bit of sunny cold weather gave Jo and I the chance to have a nice birding walk taking in the sites that lie along the Rother namely RVCP, Pit-house West, Woodhouse Washlands, Treeton Dyke, Catcliffe Flash, Bole Hill Flash and Blue Mans Bower. I am rather lucky in that I have a good diversity of sites within walking distance of home however all of them were pretty birdless today, however Pit-house West held a nice flock of around 140 Lesser Redpoll which posed long enough for me to dust off and become reacquainted with the Nikon. At Bolehill a group of shot gun toting wankers appeared to be shooting at the local corvids for no reason at all other than they could.

Frozen Lap's

Frozen Pit-house West by Jo.

Lesser Redpoll

Nob with gun

Nob with Bins!

At last some pie action with this 10 point affair from Jo.


DorsetDipper said...

nice pie. What was in it?

Mark said...

A nice meat and potato with added kidney and carrot. Proving she's top potential wifey material at least with her pie making skills.

Mike Watson said...

Great to see that you are out birding (and eating pies) again. We are sadly massively outnumbered in Bowland by the shooting lobby and at times it sounds like the Somme on Saturdays at the moment. However, these people preserve some great habitat for birds that would otherwise be grazed by sheep down to a useless couple of cm of grass so it is a difficult subject. I can never see eye to eye with them though, because I don't like to see folk killing animals for fun. Keep up the good work! BR Mike