24th March. And The Winner is............

Following an exhaustive survey of the British Birding public, all 94 of them, the final result of the 'Crappest British Bird Poll'. The winner with a total of 21% of the vote is the infamous Cley Rock Sparrow. Now I feel I should point out that this is not my opinion but the opinion of the British public - the same British public that make an icon out of an illiterate reality TV 'star' so the finders shouldn't take it to heart too much, even if there are no other records in Northern Europe and the species has no history of vagrancy. Perhaps if the BBRC were to conduct similar polls then the British List might become somewhat shorter.

In second place , and the one that got my vote, was the curious Lady Amherst's Pheasant better known as Lee's nice little earner. Fortunately the BOU have now seen sense with this one and pulled it from the list leaving modern day birders with a gap on their list and Lee with a shed full of corn!

Next poll which is the stringiest county in the UK - I think we might have already covered that though!!

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