30th March. More Unfunny Shite

In keeping with recent standards here's another load of shite. The kitchen is nearing the final stages and hopefully will be completed by the weekend giving me the freedom to get out birding for the remainder of the spring, however I managed my first Swallow and 30 Meadow Pipits over the house this evening whilst pasting some wallpaper.

During the weekend I was forced to set foot in a church thingy in order to attend my cousin's kids christening. Now I'm not the religious type and have always found christenings the most hypocritical of services and the reason why my daughter is not christened This service was no exception and one step up the religious twaddle scale. It wasn't the actual christening that I had a problem with, it was the 5 minute sermon about how to fill in the gift aid form when making a donation. Clearly this was in the forefront of the vicars mind and failure to do so would result in offenders burning in hell for all damnation, well at least I'll keep warm!

See I told you it was shite but in case you need some more look here


Anonymous said...

Less unfunny shite seems to be the order of the day. What's happened Mark, where's all the pie news from the team you could trust...once!

Mark said...

Sorry John. Still grafting in the kitchen. Very little birding and none of it worth writing about. Normal service will resume shortly.