14th June. Moffs

Finally some decent weather for a bit of mothing. Unfortunately and for some unknown reason I wandered downstairs at 02:30 switched off the trap and placed it in the fridge (the spare fridge in the garage that is). What made this all the more surreal was the distant boom of some house/garage/shed music presumably emanating from Rother Valley, this shit was still going on at the break of day though apparently no one else in the neighbourhood had heard it. Anyway there were some moths but no surprises so in the after coming around after overindulging in some sangria I managed a few photos.

Peppered Moth

Ingrailed Clay

Scalloped Hazel

Bright line Brown-eye


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Andy Mackay said...

As a fully paid up moth pedant, I'm afraid I have to correct one of your IDs, Mark - that's actually a Scalloped Hazel, not a Scalloped Oak.