28th June. Cemlyn

Waking up to a cracing sunny day we decided to spend the day on Anglesey where any self respecting Royal Tern would surely hang out. The lagoons at Cemlyn is probably my favourite place in North Wales mainly due to th quality rare Terns that it's produced over the years. After having had a couple of poor seasons, apparently due to the local Grey Herons and some marauding gulls, they are fairing quite well this year with a healthy looking population and a endless stream of adults carrying sand eels.

Holyhead Harbour was the next step where a total of eight Black Guillemots were found just off the long stay car park. By the time we reached South Stack the temperatures had increased birding was starting to become uncomfortable but the call of an overhead Chough revealed three birds departing from a swirling mass of around fourty individuals, presumably a post breeding gathering.

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