22nd July. Farewell

The last few days have been predictably dull. Most mornings at Orgreave have produced Yellow-legged Gulls - adults and 3rd summers, with up to three on the 21st and a singing Gropper on the 20th.

The biggest event of the week was breaking away from the RBA pager.

Farewell old friend

After some deliberation I decided to get rid, tired of the relentless drivvle and the feelings of apathy at even the rarest of rares the pager has gone back to Mr Filby. However no sooner had it land on Dick's doormat this happened:


Now this leaves me with a dillema given our trip, via Dover, to Southern France on Saturday do I cross everything and hope it stays or do I jump in the car and go now! Well seeing as I'm sat here writing this it would appear that I have chosen the former option - BOLLOCKS. Blue-cheeked Bee-eater is a rather annoying gap on my British list following my decision to go to Cornwall for a week during the time that the Cowden bird was in residence and my reluctance to twitch the Shetland one. Looks like that gap will still be there for a while yet.

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Skev said...

You've done the right thing Mark - I ditched mine years ago and have been much happier ever since. Of course, I've not seen any rare birds but you can't have everything ...... I've started a 'birds I found out about from Surfbirds a few days too late' list.