25th September. Prozac Time

For the land locked birder this autumn (so far) has been hard with little or no reward. However over the last few months the number of quality rares has been pretty outstanding. The only downside being that few of them have stayed for any length of time or have been on far flung islands. The only 'stayers' springing to mind are the Crested Lark at Dunge' - which I missed by forty minutes and the current mega the Sandhill Crane which is frustratingly just too close to my Shetland trip to justify such a long haul. Added to this the gripping photos of 'that Puffin', missing the Royal Tern and one of those bastard Bee-eaters (that I can't even bring myself to name) there's no wonder that things are starting to get to me it has been almost one year since my last lifer - the Flamborough Brown Shrike.

I know I'm not alone, even those in the tradtional hotspots are feeling the pain and it is with this in mind I have developed a tasty snack to liven up even the darkest of days.


Dean said...

I could do with one of those crackers, Mark. Not for the lack of birds, but for the lack of cash.

Oh, and thanks for adding your name to my list of followers. Much appreciated.

Mike Watson said...

Cheer up mate, your patch sounds exicitng compared to East Lancs. Look forward to reading about your Shitland exploits. Btw you're right, Zitting Cisticolas are Shiite.BR,Mike