19th April. Fly Through

Today was one of those days when looking at the forecast made you wish that you weren't at work days. It wasn't a sunny warm forecast it was one predicting clag combined with a light easterly breeze, almost classic conditions for some straying migrants. Unfortunately I had to go to work!

Leaving work at 16:30 with a blinding headache I was torn between an hour or so at Orgreave or going home for a nap. I decided on the former and after a slight diversion to Morrisons for some provisions including some fine half price Scotch pies. Having scoffed two pies by the time I arrived at Orgreave I was feeling much better, though better still was the sight of a couple of hundred hirundines over the lagoon, at last some birds to look through. Whilst scanning through the Swallows and Sand Martins I heard the familiar call of a Yellow Wagtail. Scanning the area in front of me I found not one but eleven of these marigold yellow beauties. I must admit I got quite excited, Yellow Wagtails are far scarer in these parts than they used to be and the first flock I'd seen in many years. For the first time during the day the sun began to shine and no sooner had it done so the Wagtails were on their way like little yellow sprites energised by the brief solar energy. Likewise the swallows began rocketing through and within a couple of minutes the lagoon was devoid of hirundines. Just beyond the wagtails I flushed a wheatear, then another and then three more, this was a red letter day by Orgreave standards and to say that I was enjoying this mini fall was an understatement. Added to this there were Common Sandpiper, Dunlin, 'Ringed' Plovers and a couple more Yellow Wag's all in this small area. This was certainly the best hours local birding I had had in a very long time.

Just for Colin


Colin said...

Very nice entry Mark - but, my God, I do miss the photos of those pies!!!


PW said...

That's why I don't bother birding around Sheffield anymore.You know if you've seen a few Yellow Wags and some Wheatears it's probably been one of the best days of the spring.
Get that caravan to Spurn and do some proper birding!

Colin said...

Brilliant Mark - I can almost smell them!!!

Mark said...

I think that's the ash cloud deposits you can smell Colin.

Pete - sorry PW- I'll stay inland thanks apparently Spurn is over run with drunken animals and birders dressed up as pirates on bicycles!!