24th April. Other Peoples Crap

I carried on today where I'd left off yesterday, searching for a Ring Ouzel or two but this time at Pit-house West. I tried the higher grassed areas where have at least I have seen them before. Regardless of this I still failed in fact I saw very little. What I did see though was not pleasing on the eye at all. The pools at PHW as I have mentioned before seem to have become the playground of fishing youths. It should be made clear that in no way would I consider these to be fishermen. These are the mindless morons that leave a trail of destruction where ever they park their fat backsides and this week these wasters have excelled themselves.

Arriving at the Bittern Pool I was greeted by this.

Two thirds of the Bitterns favoured roosting area has been torched.
Note the discarded fishing tackle and sweetcorn cans.
Fortunately the new growth had still to come through.

Tired of worm drowning lets rip down some fences for fire wood.

These fences are far too high so they've cut off a couple of rails, thus preserving vital calories.

Slightly away from PHW this Stoat was enjoying playing in a fly tipping pile!


franksidebottomsuncle said...

The Park itself was an absolute disgrace this morning Mark. Many, many hundreds of discarded beer cans, bottles etc, complete packs of burgers and sausages, plus the bread rolls, and the usual mountain of empty alcopop bottles. Most of the bins were empty!!!! Christ knows what summer will bring,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Colin said...

It is the same the whole world over, fishermen are the scum of this planet. I am not referring to some of my "posh mates" who spend a small fortune for a week's fly fishing for salmon on the Tweed, etc. but the fat-arsed, nematode-brained morons who sit at the edge of the sea/river/lake/canal for hours on end catching fish which have been caught hundreds of times before, get pissed, and leave all their crap behind when they leave. The carnage they cause to birds and other wildlife with discarded nylon line and hooks is sickening.

I would drown the bastards.

Marcus Lawson said...

I believe that is why it's called COARSE fishing.