3rd June. Extremadura Day 3. Touristy

A later than normal start today with a relaxing days sightseeing around Montanchez and Merida, with a little bit of birding thrown in for good measure.

According to the Crossbill Guide the Moorish castle at Montanchez holds Black Wheatear. We failed on our visit but took consolation in finding a roosting Eagle Owl on the cliff below the castle.


Famed for its impressive Roman ruins Merida is a must if you got half a day or so to spare.

Merida Aqueduct

The Ampitheatre and Roman Theatre at Merida

Even managed a few birds around this busy city with the only Alpine Swifts of the trip and numerous Herons including three cracking adult Squaccos and a light phase Booted Eagle.


thedrunkbirder said...

Got soaked in Merida during a huge storm but not before getting cracking views of Little Bittern and Red Adavat. Jo tells me you dipped those but are just trying to be the bigger man by claiming they are just plastic... plastic fantastic!

The word verification was abinge... just what I intend to do this evening when I finish work!

Mark said...

I did see Common Waxbill near Merida, but they are equally shite!!

thedrunkbirder said...

Yep, they are indeed!