7th June. Hanging on in Hartlepool

Wind back 24 hours. Leaving our hotel in Trujillo, after an incredibly successful six days I was distracted by a text - distracted and subsequently distraught - 'White-throated Robin at Hartlepool!' Well there was bugger all I could do about it, our return flight wasn't due out of Madrid until 10pm. We spent the rest of the day as planned stopping at a few sites en-route. I tried to take my mind off the Robin but the barrage of gloating texts didn't make it easy. I had to console myself with Black-winged Kites, Red-necked Nightjars and a few specialities of the Spanish Steppe.

Constant texts continued to torment me through the day - yes I could have switched it off - and I made up my mind that I would go the following day on positive news. Our 10pm flight was delayed to almost 12am- following the biggest thunderstorm that I've ever seen - and our eventual arrival home at 3:30am didn't bode well for an early start. Almost wishing the bird to have gone in the clear night sky (the fatigue was taking hold) I was soon on my way when after just 3 hours sleep a text came through confirming that it had hung on for at least another day -phew!

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Rstoff said...

Me, Ken Foundation and Ray Platts were up Snowdon, (the mountain, not the Lord), when we got the news. Me and Ken went next day: Ratty left it and dipped!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!