22nd April. Mr Angry

As I get older I've noticed that I'm getting more and more intolerant to everything. Things that used to slightly annoy me now proper piss me off. Where once I would stop to let a cyclist steam through a red light, I now stand in the middle of it and obstruct the ignorant bastards! The youth on the bus with his annoying trance dance shite bleeding through his earphones gets a disapproving look. Yes I've become a proper grumpy middle-aged man and sooner or later someone is going to give me a punch on the nose.

So today having had a lie in until 7am I opted to go to the patch around mid-morning.  Once again the lack of migrants was obvious - in fact the general lack of anything was obvious, anything that is except for the fourteen birders walking around the site. I appear to have created a monster!  In truth I don't actually have a problem with other birders visiting this site, the fact that I continuously put out reports from the site is testament to this. However, I do have a problem with birders who have a complete lack of regard for the resident breeding birds here.  One particular member, of a visiting group from York, this morning completely ignored my, initially polite, request to keep away from the edge of the lake, though credit to the other three who did move away.  After an exchange of words with this particular individual (who I have a nice full frame photo of) and his continued insistence to stay off the path, I lost it and told him to f**k himself.

Some suppression never goes away
The dog walkers I can tolerate but birders should know better and one local (with a very high profile) who I've seen poking his lens up the arse of the local LRP's, needs reminding that they are schedule one and that next time he might appear on the pages of this blog!

Given this experience I totally understand why some people see fit to suppress the good stuff that they find - though don't understand those that do it purely for spite -  I won't be doing that just yet!

Anyway I need to lay down in a dark room now.


Andrew Kinghorn said...

I do not believe it!

- Couldn't resist. I can emphasise with some of your statements, local LEO roost was abandoned and was down to people who should know better. When one person informed them not to go to close and leave the birds in peace for a while (they would go back all day every day) he received a reply; "their not your f**king owls".

franksidebottomsuncle said...

estrectiCalm down Mark, lets just hope that a really good bird doesnt get the boot from some selfish photographer before other get down to see it,,, always risky.Anyway since ur in a good mood, have a read at Steve Lowe's book, "Is it just me or is everything shit?" and crank up Half Man Half Biscuits "National Shite Day" really loud,, the latter contains a cute ornithological reference - perhaps the first time a Sanderling has been mentioned in a rock ditty. Keep smiling and dont let the bastards grind you down,,,,

Penny Bun said...

I think this answers my comment from before! In my defence, I did use a long lens and heavily cropped the photo, so I was a good distance from the LRP. As far as grumpy old folk go, welcome to my world! The more people appreciate wildlife, the more chance we have of preserving it, so there's the upside as well as the downside of people trampling all over your patch.

The Leicester Llama said...

At Cossington Dog Walking Park, sorry Meadows, yesterday there was a twat (not even a young twat, a 40ish bloke on his own) with a remote control speedboat zooming around the Tern Pool. I was going to do a blog post about it, but decided I couldn't be arsed.