26th April. Gutted

It was all going so well. Monday I had a Greenshank (first of the year), Tuesday I jammed in on a couple of Avocets on the small lake and Wednesday I had a Sanderling another Greenshank, a couple of Dunlin and a Whimbrel and a Common Tern. All reasonable stuff with the promise of something bigger to come.
The worst Avocet picture ever, taken with Samsung phone through my bins as the DSLR's battery was flat again! 
With persistent overnight rain I headed out for the early bus and was on site for 6:30. Almost two hours later I had absolutely nothing to show for my efforts - apart from a few Swifts and a couple of Dunlin.  As I got on the bus to work it started to rain, not just any old rain either - clag.  I knew in my heart that anyone else going down in these conditions would have a good chance of something good. Sure enough the text that I was dreading came through just after 10am!!

I'm not bitter, but it's really not cricket that these retired types lounge around in bed half the day, then once you're safely tucked behind your desk they sneak onto your patch and bag the goods. Bloody pensioners!!

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