11th May. Wood

Heavy rain over the last couple of nights set expectations high and with a brief Red-necked Phalarope at Old Moor yesterday and an oh so close Arctic Skua over RV this morning, my enthusiasm wasn't totally unfounded. However the best of the two morning visits was a sleeping Turnstone on the island and a handful of lovely peachy presumed Greenland Wheatears.

Afternoon visits seldom come up with the goods so the temptation to leap off the bus on my way home was not high, but with a few seabirds noted at one or two inland localities I thought I'd give it a go.  Cold and windy when I arrived, I spent much of my time going through the hirundines and Swifts with most of my fingers crossed, but to no avail.  Walking across the causeway a distant tringa through the bins didn't appear to have red legs and worthy of a closer look. Sure enough it was what I expected - a Wood Sandpiper. Another addition to the rapidly increasing patch list.

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