13th Missing In Action?

I can't ever remember seeing so few Sand Martins
A fairly uneventful weekend on the patch with only a handful of Arctic Terns, early Saturday morning, to get the adrenalin going.
After an hour round the lakes this morning it was clearly evident that nothing was moving. With this in mind I set about walking the entire tree-lined perimeter. Having added Garden Warbler to the year list yesterday I felt certain that I could easily add Lesser Whitethroat and perhaps even Gropper and Sedge Warbler (only one record here!). Surprisingly I had none of them and most alarming of all was the distinct lack of warblers, with the exception of Blackcaps and half-a-dozen Whitethroats, though on the plus side I did find a healthy population of House Sparrows near the houses at the southern end.  I only managed a couple of singing Willow Warblers and an occasional Chiffy.  Things aren't adding up, the numbers just don't seem to be there. Some of the Wheatears at Orgreave must have been here for three weeks or more perhaps an indication of how reluctant birds are to carry on with their journeys? Is there still more to come, or has something sinister hit our summer songsters on their journey north?

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