15th March: House Tick

After a very unsuccessful early morning walk around PHW, in thick fog, where the only reward was a party of 5 Redshank and a Snipe I went to Morrisons to by some fish! Whilst in there Bethany had to physically drag me away from the pie counter where I was eyeing up a particularly attractive meat and potato pie.
Whilst preparing the squid around 4pm I received a call from Andy Deighton informing me that a large party of Whooper Swans were heading over Walesbar towards RVCP. After a headless chicken impression, whilst trying to find the spare Leicas, I managed to get on them just as they appeared to drop into the Park. Andy phoned me to say that they had dropped on to the Main Lake so I let the squid in the sink and headed back to RV. They were indeed on the Main Lake and showing very well a total of 41 birds. Also there 22 Sand Martins.

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