30th March. Dirty Gypo's

A pair of Egyptian Geese seen copulating at Pit-house West, the first breeding pair in the Sheffield area. Unfortunately this is their second go as they did have a brood of six young earlier in the month, which disappeared in unknown circumstances. Hopefully this time they will be more successful!

Oh Baby!!!


At RV an immature Whooper Swan was among the Mute Swans having first been seen yesterday morning.


Skev said...

Can't join you in hoping these gypo's are successful on this breeding attempt - goes against my planned avian genocide of feral and hybrid wildfowl. Next time can you shoot then with a double-barrel rather than your camera?

terry wright said...

I'm a gypsy and i find your comment extremely racist, you might like to know that we gypsy's are very clean, our trailors are washed from top to bottom, inside and out on a daily basis. You should not label so called gypo's as dirty, all you have done here is show that you are probaly less educated then most gypsy's. If a person from down your road stole something, does that make all the people in your community a thief. Think before you write, such insulting comments, I urge you to remove the post.

terry wright said...

Very racist comment "dity Gypo's" remove at once or will report, not all gypies are dirty or tarmac driveways. You are cleary uneducated, i enjoy birdspotting and will let most of the top publications know about your racist comment.

Mark said...

Duly noted and amended.