9th March: A near miss for Mrs T'

The champagne was on ice but sadly the old witch survived. So those of us old enough to remember what she did to the communities of South Yorkshire, during her eleven evil years in power, will have to put the party on hold.

An early morning (7am!!) wander around Wooley Woods produced very little except lots of psycho Nuthatches chasing each other around.

The rest of the day was spent clearing the clutter out of the garage. A new moth, a Herald, was found hibernating on an old car mat before being transferred to the shed.


Andy Mackay said...

Have you heard the song by Atilla the Stockbroker, written in preparation for the death of Mrs T? To the tune of 'Michael row the boat ashore' the chorus goes 'Maggots one, Maggie nil, hallelujah; Maggots one, Maggie nil, hallelujah' etc.

Full lyrics here: http://www.billybragg.co.uk/

John Hague said...

Yes I thought the weekend was going to get better and better. Seems like the witch was only pissed.

We can't wait to party on down when the haggard old cow finally dies.

Mark said...

Quite appropriate that working class Barnsley beat the capitalists dream team. How perfect would it be if Barnsley lift the FA cup just as the old witch falls off her perch :)

Andy L said...

Ah, but where would we be without Monetary policy? Good 'ole Mrs T.

Earl Gray or Dave for short! said...

Good old Mrs T?! My arse,the sooner the government re nationalise the industries,trains,and anything else the tories sold off, the better!?!