16th July. Strike

Having considered the pros and cons of going out on strike I realised that there really aren't any pros apart from a couple of days off for which I pay a princely sum. Despite this I decided to strike. There was however a pro in that I got to spend the morning ringing at Williamthorpe. During this (my fourth session) I managed to set up two mist nests and ring a nice mix of passerines Reed Warbler, SedgeWarbler,Willow Tit and House Martin were the highlights among others.

Still very quiet locally with my first visit to RVCP (on Monday) for almost 2 months producing just 3 Curlews and 5 Common Terns. Surely only a couple more weeks before a few decent waders start coming through!


John Hague said...

Another pro being that you support the lower paid workers at the council. I wish that we would strike in the NHS to finally show all governments that we are fed up with crap below inflation pay rises.

Nice one comrade!

Mark said...

I am the F8ing low paid working in the council.