2nd July. Moley

A strange pile of muck appeared in the garden this morning - a mole hill. The little bugger must have had a jack hammer as the ground around here is hard clay. It must have shot back down pretty quick when it realised that three killer cats and two gay rabbits were in the vicinity!

It's not safe to turn your back around here!

As I arrived at work I was awoken by a mega alert stating 'Little Swift at Old Moor' (or Wath Ings as I prefer to remember it). Having seen a couple before I wasn't too bothered but with a Spoonbill also present (one of the RV flyovers from the other weekend) who could resist a trip. Despite finishing work at 4 I decided to go home and have my tea first, which on reflection was a bad move as the swift buggered off before we set off. Still, the Spoonbill was very nice.

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