6th July. Summer!

The summer is rapidly turning into yet another washout, with the usual non birding diversions i.e. Dragonflies, Moth Traps and getting drunk outdoors becoming impossible.
Despite a late night last night I managed to be out by 7am and first visited Whiston Meadows. Unfortunately some rather hard looking horses were blocking the path and I wasn't going to be the one to ask them to move, so I left. Next stop Orgreave Opencast,tenuously linked with the last site in that is was the location of the last cavalry charge in Britain (probably horsey relatives of the aforementioned menacing looking equines) during the infamous Battle of Orgreave.
Prior to opencasting this site had a secret pool atop of it which I used to visit regularly. Apart from a Med' Gull and Spotshank I had very little of note but the site always looked promising. Now that open casting is complete at least two pools have been created and look equally promising particularly given the demise of RV as an attractive wader spot. To prove my point there were at least 8 Little Ringed Plovers, Common Sand and 55 Lesser Black-backed Gulls. Now I just need to find a better view point.
Nearby Treeton Dyke was quiet as usual though a pair of Great Crested Grebes were carrying newly hatched young on there backs -awe!!

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col said...

oi Mark - whats de big idea? How come the text says rob is orf unst on a boat but de map shows he's still in Virkie (at virkie?) WHATS GOING ON? sort it out eh!

or do i need to get out more?