22nd November. RUDDY HELL

Just when I thought that there would be no controversy this weekend, in drops an alarming email in my inbox. Apparently the Bastards from DEFRA will be descending on RVCP this week to 'cull' the Ruddy Duck population! Now I've never witnessed any of DEFRA's tactics (if they indeed have any) but it strikes me that as soon as these 'bounty hunters' set foot in the reserve the whole range of wildfowl will take to the sky just how do they pick out the Ruddies from the rest. I could go on all night about how wrong this scheme is, you only need to Google 'Ruddy Duck Cull' to find out for yourself!


John Hague said...

The Ruddy Duck cull really ought to appear in the Guardian's Bad Science column!

Andy Mackay said...

DEFRA's tactics are: shoot everything that moves, and hope that some of them are Ruddy Ducks. In one of the original 'trial' culls at Eyebrook a few years ago, one of the birds they managed to shoot was a Lesser Black-backed Gull!!

Whatever they're doing though, it seems to be working - Ruddy Duck is now a rarity in Leics. I've seen perhaps two or three this year, and none recently.

John Hague said...

That's the reason I don't report Ruddies anymore. Sadly the LROS committee decided we should still include records in the newsletter and on the WeBS count that I don't control

Anonymous said...

I think the telling line in your post is "I've never witnessed any..." which appears to mean "I have no idea what I'm on about but..."

Isn't it great that 'free speech' allows window-lickers to spout arse-gravy all over the interweb. Do some reading before your start scribing your next round of bollocks.

PS. How many other species were shot? Zero, perhaps?