24th November. Goodbye Mister Tom

After over three years Tom has finally run out of swear words and stepped down as the birding worlds professor of profanity. No longer will we be entertained by the great man's wit and satire, where updates were more eagerly awaited than the bumper Christmas edition of Razzle.

R.I.P Skills and Bills


Revolver said...

Please don't retire from this blog!

I love it and often send my friends the link (even the non-birdie friends) and they piss themselves laughing!

Please reconsider and keep up the good work!


Mark said...

I'll pass your thoughts on to Tom, which is where I presume they were meant to go. This blog is about as funny as a kick in the bollocks.

John Hague said...

Too true Mark, it's utter shite! ;o)