Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

You have to kill cormorants cos cows don't eat grass - they eat non-quota fish these days! And wot about that English guy twitching giant carp in France this week - glass houses stones...no brains.

thedrunkbirder said...

It makes me piss when fisherman say it's a battle of wits against the fish!!!

laurence.d said...

I think your comment about "just desserts is ignorant,the guy was leagaly culling a comorant , he was violently assaulted ,if you embrace that kind of behaviour you should not be publishing it !.
I,ll no longer be following your blog.

Mark said...

It's unfortunate that you feel that way Laurence. Does the fact that it was legal make it right - fox hunting used to be legal, surely you don't think it right. Why should man's greed mean that wildlife suffers. Perhaps just desserts was a bit strong? Would you prefer Karma or would you prefer that I kept my big mouth shut? We are all entitled to our own opinion it would be a very boring world otherwise.

Skev said...

Call me a cynical bastard, but apart from the wholly shite article on the Angling Times Go Fishing website, and various links/threads to it from forums etc, there is absolutely nothing on this that I can find on the web. Nothing on local news/papers websites.
Where are the photos of the assulted near-pensioner that would undoubtedly appear in the local press? Where are the direct quotes from the victim and witnesses? In any case, what sort of a fucking loony would, in reality, punch a bloke with a dog (fairly unlikely that it was a girly handbag pooch) and a shotgun?
Typical anglers exaggeration of the truth, or is this wholescale fabrication?
To me the article is a complete load of bollocks that is deliberately and maliciously intended to raise tensions between birders and fervent paramilitary carp-kissers. This type of journalism is complete fucking wank - does he write for the Daily Mail as well.
If Cormorants eating stocked fish on angling lakes is such a problem, whey keep filling them up. Ironic also that any increase in inland Cormorants is linked to dwindling fish stocks at sea - due to overfishing?
Irrespective of legality, proclaiming Cormorant shooting as justified is dodgy ground - what next, licensing Pigeon fanciers to shoot Peregrines?

Anonymous said...

""We are all entitled to our own opinion it would be a very boring world otherwise.""

Indeed but you just go too far.

As for the retoric ""Why should man's greed mean that wildlife suffers"" why shoud any anemal suffer because of man? I take it you are a vegan? I doubt it.


Mark said...

Quite right - but I did say wildlife!

Mike Watson said...

I hate anonymous comments, if you have something to say in public please at least have the conviction to put your name to it or keep it to yourself. Unfortunately I never read your post Mark but I have had some mixed experiences with anglers. The guys at Stocks are excellent and are genuinely interested in birds, allowing us access to their car park for such as last year's hawfinches. However, I used to listen to Keith Arthur every Saturday morning on Talksport on my way out birding and enjoyed the stuff about angling and the state of our rivers in general until he started on about cormorants. He is certainly representative of many anglers and sees cormorants simply as pests. I am not in favour of smacking someone up for shooting birds but folks who take pleasure in killing other things for fun disappoint me. I would laugh if they managed to shoot themselves though - is that wrong? Don't lose your passion Mark but maybe peg the insults a little? Don't give these ****s an excuse to play the offensive content card. BR, Mike