14th January. An Apology

It would seem that I went a bit too far with my previous post. One should appreciate that with the continuing cold spell the poor angler is having a bit of a rough time at present and that their need to catch is the over riding matter in all of this and indeed in everything. I suppose I was a little rough saying that the old bloke had gotten his just desserts, nobody deserves to get beaten up whilst out persecuting wildlife particularly when they have 'permission'. So let's all kiss and make up and embrace each others hobby.

Ironically it was the selfish actions of an angler that had me venturing out to Strines for a site visit this lunchtime. Visit over and I decided on spending my lunch nearby at Wigtwizzle. A site visit near here earlier in the week conveniently saw me add five species to my month list including Black Grouse (allowed by mutual agreement) though failing on Crossbill. This time I was more fortunate and picked up three in the small clearing at Wigtwizzle. Pleased that wouldn't have to enter this snow bound hell again I decided to travel back down the edge of Morehall Res'. The reservoir was frozen solid and apart from a Moorhen void of life - however a real surprise was a hunting Tawny Owl sat on the fence at the side of the road. Presumably a very hungry individual and certainly the first time I'd witnessed this truly nocturnal owl day hunting.

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thedrunkbirder said...

It's Woodcock all the way down here. Could cause problems for you the Mark. Asking if a birder has Wood cock might result in a beating... you know how violent birders can be!