19th January. Lunchtime Jaunt

The lure of a Pintail, this lunchtime, on the outskirts of Rotherham town centre was just too much to resist particularly knowing full well that Mr Wragg et al would be going. So arriving there to an empty car park was a surprise though not such a surprise when I soon realised that the target was also absent. A quick walk round also proved fruitless apart from the long staying Green Sand and a couple of Shoveler. Being as I was already out I thought I'd have a crack at Bolehill in order to finally catch up with Willow Tit - a species that is playing particularly hard to get. True to current form it remained hard to get unlike the Cetti's Warbler which gave a quick burst of song just to let me know it was still there. The fields around Treeton and Ulley were fog bound so feeling rather stupid I went back to work. With a current run of dipping the coming weekend will either make or break me in this silly addictive game - watch this space!

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