15th July. Postcard from Lochinver

Question: What have the Leicester Llama and Sir Tom Mckinney got in common? Well there's the obvious, both fronted leading satirical birding websites (before blogging took off) are excellent artists in their own fields, great birders and both have Scottish based surnames. I hadn't given that last sentence much thought when I started writing it - if I didn't know better I'd say they were related. Four lines later and the thing they have in common is that both have paid homage to the legendary Lochinver Larder, during the last six months, quite certainly the greatest pie shop in the UK. I'd just finished my tea when I opened the Llama's email which almost jumped off the page and smeared it's savoury loveliness all over my face. It's been a while since I ate any form of pie - seven weeks in fact - but the photos below may have pushed me off the wagon. I'll leave the last word to the Llama:

"Greetings from a very wet Lochinver, where I sampled one of the famous Lochinver Larder pies at lunchtime - a rich and satisfying Steak and Ale with sumptuous buttery pastry which I awarded a full ten points (or whatever the maximum is for a hot specimen on the pie scale)."

Pie and Peas yes. Pie and Salad no no no

Pie Mecca


Anonymous said...

Oh my good god! I'm booking for Lochinver for next year...

Colin said...

Pie "Heaven"!!!

That Steak & Ale pie looks A+ to me - I can smell it and taste the texture of the sumptuous pastry.

I have to disagree with you Mark, that salad would be a great accompaniment to that very "rich" pie.

Anonymous said...

Oh Colin, you went and let yourself down there... no self respecting pie-eater would consider salad acceptable.

Mark, it seems your blog is being spammed by Nigerian conmen claiming to eat pies - they have let themselves down by suggesting salad goes with Steak and Ale Pie!

Colin said...

I have tonight barbecued two Irish Angus fillet steaks (each about two inches thick) which I buy as a whole fillet at a cost of €80 - the best beef in the world. With them we had a few sauteed potatoes (with onion) and a beautiful salad which included my home-grown tomatoes, avocado pear and various fresh herbs (especially coriander).

As the maximum temperature in the shade today was 38℃, mushy peas would not be an advisable accompaniment.

Pie and salad would be very welcome tomorrow!!!