2nd July. On a Roll

I returned to Orgreave this morning hoping to get some better shots of the grebe. Unfortunately looking into the sun the photos were even worse than the previous evenings so I gave up and settled on checking the rest of the area. Almost immediately three white figures struck me in the glare off the water - bugger me three Little Egrets! Nowadays Little Egrets are ten a penny, however as far as I know this was the largest number ever to occur in the Sheffield area and personally the most birds that I've seen in Yorkshire at one time. Typically they stayed for just ten minutes before heading north. They were later re-found on nearby Catcliffe Flash where at least one found it to its liking and settled there for the rest of the day.

This evening and for the first time in over three years I had the urge to do some proper moth trapping. Nipping out at 3.30, to switch it off and cover it up before the local Blackbird population could tuck in, a sneak peak hinted at a reasonable catch. Stepping over a half butchered rabbit (does anyone have any idea why one particular cat brings back a rabbit every Friday night?) I dragged myself back to bed getting up a couple of hours later to check my haul. Pick of the bunch (at least photographically) below.


Anonymous said...

4 went south thru RVCP in 07 Mark (all together I might add)

Mark said...