15th July. What you don't know can't hurt you

After last nights thunderstorms an early morning session at Orgreave was in order, in fact the earliest early session that I've ever done there or pretty much anywhere for that matter. So being on site just before 5:30 I headed for the post. Viewing from the post gives you pretty much a complete view of both lakes - at least the best bits anyway. A quick scan of the margins was disappointing and the sight of an approaching dog walker making his way to the waters edge did nothing for my enthusiasm! It got worse however! This was no ordinary dog walker. This dog walker had a couple of lurchers or they might have been slightly overweight greyhounds. Nothing wrong with that, I have at least a couple of birding friends that have greyhounds - what happened next though was very wrong! One of the dogs was purposefully released and for the next couple of minutes set about chasing a young hare exhausting it until it could run no more. The owner walked over collected his prey, congratulated the dog, put the lead back on grabbed the hare by the ears and carried it off! I shouted towards this piece of scum and walked in his direction but he clocked me, picked up his pace and headed off still clutching his 'prize'. I managed a few bad digiscoped shots that have now been passed to the police, but I won't be holding my breath! I guess If I'd arrived at my normal time I'd have been blissfully unaware and as they say "what you don't know can't hurt you"

Proudly carrying his prize

Noticing me he hides the hare

And pretends I'm not there!


Skev said...

What a complete C! I hope the report comes to something - it shouldn't be too hard to find a complete fucking knobhead living within walking distance with two such dogs, should it?

beightonbirder said...

There is alot of of hunting going on at ridiculous o'clock in the Treeton Orgreave and Catcliffe area, three in the morning scum were in Tinsley Marshalling Yard with guns shooting rabbit and no doubt anything else they see with Red-Legged Partridge and Lapwing breeding there

thedrunkbirder said...

I'd send the photos/story to the Sheffield Star if I were you and contact BBC Radio Sheffield... make a proper issue of it.

Mark said...

I thought about it John, but the reporting standard in The Star is absolutely shite and Radio Sheffield is far too busy covering crime in Doncaster!