17th August. Bad Omen

Having had a nightmare journey back from Cornwall I was still a bit too knackered to head north, for the Eric Sykes Warbler that was gracing that well known rare curlew spot in the North East. I instead settled for a Tuesday visit deciding to head off on positive news.

The day didn't start well. One of the cats had angered the birding god's by presenting me with a fresh killed Robin. Apology's to the neighbours for my X-rated outburst in the garden at 06:30!

I had contacted Alan Tilmouth on Monday evening and begged him to text me as soon as he had any news. Alan kindly agreed telling me he would be on site at 6am. My plan was to hang around at Orgreave until I'd heard either way.

On arrival at Orgreave the dismal sight of a dog walker going round the edge with his shit machines was further evidence that the birding god's were making me pay for the cat's wrong doing. Fortunately the gulls must be getting used to it by now as they moved on to the water rather than heading off in various directions. I picked up a putative juv Yellow-legged among the Lessers (the Klaus Malling is in the post as we speak) but was distracted by my phone ringing. It was Alan, but the news was not good - actually it was what I expected- no sign! The call kept breaking up but I got the gist of what Alan was saying, a heavy downpour had occurred overnight probably pushing the Sykes off - oh well!

Whilst informing Andy of the pre-pager tip off I was pleasantly surprised to pick up a couple of drake Common Scoter, a nice (but overdue) patch tick. Perhaps the god's had started to forgive me!

The best I could manage before the battery died.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't be arsed with trying to negotiate time off work. I've also taken the momentous decision to resign my RBA pager commission when the contract runs out just before Xmas... will probably get by on LROS tweets and Birdnews Anywhere from Birdguides - at considerable cost savings.

On the Sykes's front, why has Garry Bagnell bothered posting that pile of shit on Surfbirds... isn't bragging about how good a twitcher is, not good enough these days?

Earl Gray or Dave for short! said...

Mark I thought you didn't like Pasties?

Mark said...

There's pasties and there's pasties Dave!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see gulls are now providing some entertainment for you Mark, they're not too bad if you get into them! Hopefully the new guide will steer you away from the " they eat shit, they look shit, therefore they are shit" outlook! lol. Happy hunting!!