25th August. Movement, Scum and Pies

Nice to see the proper start of Autumn with some passerine movement, at Orgreave, over the last couple of days. Yesterday morning produced a Whinchat (patch tick) and a Wheatear, the latter always proving scarce on return passage in these parts. The southern movement was heralded by the almost complete disappearance of Common Swift and a fly over Tree Pipit last (another patch tick) Thursday.
This morning things were looking promising with two Yellow Wag's south and three Shelducks dropping in - that is until - I was distracted by these guys!!

Regular readers might recognise the moron in the green 'hoody'. Having taken the photo above I rang S Y Police. They were surprisingly helpful and said they would dispatch an officer immediately. Fifteen minutes later they rang me back, great thought I they're here. Unfortunately the operator on the other end of the phone was trying to work out whose jurisdiction Orgreave fell in! Somewhat bewildered I repeated the location and informed the operator that there was currently a white Greyhound pursuing a hare (fortunately it was unsuccessful). Typically the police arrived shortly after the gang had vanished in to thin air - but despite their initial sloppiness I was reassured that perhaps next time SYP will get their act together.

The leverets aren't as sprightly as the adults making them easy pickings.

Missed out on going for the 'Sharpie' at the weekend as we were at the V Festival (my body's telling me that I'm getting too old for this). Apart from the great music it also gave me the chance to sample the Pieministers finest fayre. Once again they didn't disappoint with two very mouthwatering pies, namely Moo and Blue (Steak and Stilton) and a delightful Minty Lamb. If you haven't sampled the Pieminister then I recommend popping into your local Sainsbury's where they stock at least three varieties including veggie. Don't be put off by the price they really are a meal on their own and definitely the finest pies currently available to the masses.

Pieminister. I recommend these to the house.


Marcus Lawson said...

I hate Pikeys.

John Sadler said...

Have you tried to contact the Police Wildlife Officer http://neighbourhood.southyorkshire.police.uk/info/bentley/170920070937

John Hague said...

I was going to suggest that John. If the Police do start to show a presence it should put off the Coursers.

Thanks for the heads up on Pieminister at Sainso's Mark...

Skev said...

No doubt the rozzers would have turned up a lot quicker and with no jurisdiction concerns if one of those scumbag feckers had rung in response to you attacking them with a bit feck-off bat! Keep trying though - this fecker needs to feel the long arm of the law (preferably where the sun don't shine).
Like the sound of Moo & Blue Pie.

Colin said...

The pies smell rather good (I think, and imagine) Mark, but they look a tad undercooked to me (at least the pastry does).

A good image of a pie should show it cut open to reveal that most important interior.

As to the green hooded cunt with the dogs, words (almost) fail me.