5th August. Time for a break

Little of note during the week a juvenile Peregrine at Orgreave on Sunday with the only wader of note (during the last two weeks) being a Green Sandpiper. Decided to avoid the Yorkshire Day celebrations (were there any?) with a trip over the border into Derbyshire. The highlights was a pair of Golden-ringed Dragonflies salvaging what I would describe as a nice birdless walk, if such a thing exists!

A couple of predictable adult Yellow-legs at Orgreave this morning and a sense of De ja vu hanging over me suggested that it's time for a break from all things local.

Apologies for the rather lame postings of late, though it seems that blog apathy is currently prevalent among fellow birders, even those cool cats are struggling as is evident here

Time to head southwest.

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Colin said...

Have to agree Mark - this is the time of year when "birding" stinks and I can think of much better and more useful things to do.

Reading the total crap from that bunch of illiterate, twat-arsed, moronic wankers on BF just enforces my feeling that birding in the U.K. is dead and almost buried.