14th October. Until Next Year.

Our last few hours on Shetland involved virtually no birding (probably wise given last years final day antics) with the exception of a wander in to Toab for important supplies. Two Lap' Buntings around Sunnydell made for a fitting end to the trip - given that they were the first species we encountered at the start of the trip.

Thanks again to Rob for allowing us to stay and for letting us nick his car when we'd had enough of the greater Virkie area.

Plans for next year are afoot already with thoughts of moving further north.

Voe. One of my favourite Shetland villages


Dougie Preston said...

I can only presume that when you say... "thoughts of moving further north" you ain't talking about Yell.... cause if you thought you didn't do too well this year!

Mark said...

Er no Dougie, though I'm sure it's very nice. Probably right on the doorstep of that nice scouse chap ;)