16th November. Arty Poo

I have long thought that I suffer from a bit of S.A.D or should that just be sad? So the last two days of beautiful blue sky and no wind did nothing to help me. By 3pm I was getting irritable and just generally pissed off so I did a couple of site visits and knocked off at 3:30pm. This gave me enough time to get to Pit-house West and get some therapy. Arriving by the Bittern Pool, in good time, I immeditely heard 'some' Bearded Tits which then stopped calling and never showed. I thought standing by the concrete drain would be a good spot to get a flight shot of the Bittern as it headed for roost. I was right about it being a good spot, but the photo was a right pile of shit!

Arty shit or what!

The above goes to prove that no matter how much photoshop nounce you have you just can't polish a turd!


Mike Watson said...

Pump up the iso! Join the dots or a blur, your choice;) I thought this was going to be another dog turd posting. Very disappointed. I have seen loads of fruiting dog turd trees recently. If only I could catch someone planting one...

Mark said...

This was at 3200ISO!!

Fruiting dog shit trees I've got a real beauty for a slow news week ;-)

Earl Gray or Dave for short! said...

With my arty head on Mark: Nice Shot!

With my Birder head on Mark: Shite shot! Lol

Ps Congrats on your big day, and hope you and Jo have a great day!